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Crisis Management training

If you are (deputy) Offshore Installation Manager (OIM), you are obliged  to be certified in crisis management. Depending on the area where you are employed, you may need different certificates.

If you work on the Dutch continental shelf, you need NOGEPA certificates*.
The training is obliged and needs to be refreshed after four years, a formal assessment is also obliged as of April 2017. Normally Unattended Installations (NUI) require another type of training, for which there is no formal assesment.

If you are employed in the UK continental shelf, you need OPITO certificates. The OPITO MEMIR training is not obliged and has no expiry date, however you need to do a formal OIM CE assessment every three years. Normally Unattended Installations (NUI) require a OIM CE NUI assesment.

If you are employed elsewhere, your best option is OPITO as those certificates are widely recognized throughout the industry.

Generally, you first follow an initial training, after which you can do a formal assessment.

Dutch continental shelf

UK continental shelf and elsewhere

Initial training manned installations

NOGEPA 2.14a Management of Major Emergencies (MoME)

Compulsory, 4 days, validity 4 years

OPITO Major Emergency Management Initial Response (MEMIR)

Recommended, 4 days, no expiry

Refresher training manned installations

NOGEPA 2.14b Management of Major Emergencies refresher

Compulsory, 1 day, validity 4 years


Formal assessment manned installations

NOGEPA 2.15 formal assessment

Compulsory, 1 day p.p., no expiry

OPITO OIM Controlling Emergencies

Compulsory, 1 day p.p. validity 3 years

Normally Unattended Installations (NUI)

NOGEPA 2.10a Calamity Control basic course

NOGEPA 2.10b Calamity Control refresher

Compulsory, 2 days, validity 4 years

OPITO OIM CE NUI endorsement

Compulsory, 1 day p.p. validity 3 years





*    OPITO MEMIR, OIM CE or OIM CE NUI is accepted on the Dutch continental shelf if the certificate is not older than 4 years. 


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