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Basic and Advanced LNG safety training

Since more ships sail on Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or transport this quite new type of fuel, Falck Safety Services offers LNG safety training for the maritime industry. We follow the most current ‘Interim guidance on training for seafarers on ships using gases or other low-flashpoint fuels (STCW.7/Circ.23)’. At this moment Falck is working on the accreditation for the basic and advanced training. The basic training will soon be accredited, so you can now book the LNG basic training at the Maasvlakte training centre.

​Falck Safety Services has a LNG training facility at the Maasvlakte that is unique in Central Europe. With this facility Falck Safety Services has the ability to perform exercises and demonstrate a fire of a maximum of 2500 litres of liquid LNG into a specially prepared pit. This practical training object obviously is designed with the greatest care and attention to the safety of the staff, the students and the environment.
In a practical demonstration we can create the effect of the initial release of LNG, the use of water on the pool of LNG, extinguishing possibilities with dry chemical powder and finally how to use high expansion foam to control the release. Safety training for LNG is quite new to the maritime industry, while many seafarers are used to sailing on diesel and have been trained in safe working with this fuel. Now they have to learn all about safety regarding this new and cleaner fuel.
Read more about the LNG safety training Falck Safety Services offers at the Maasvlakte training centre. Or book your STCW LNG basic training via or +31 181 376 600.

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