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Co-operation technical training between Falck Safety Services and Scaves

Falck Safety Services has agreed to a co-operation with Scaves, a safety training provider for technical training in Schoonebeek, the Netherlands. Scaves will provide different technical training courses at the Falck Safety Services training center at the Maasvlakte, for Falck Safety Services customers as well as customers of Scaves. The technical training courses can also be provided at other Falck Safety Services locations in the Netherlands, Amsterdam and Den Oever.
For customers of Falck Safety Services it will also be possible to follow these technical training courses at the Scaves training center. Falck Safety Services training portfolio will be expanded with a range of technical training courses in accordance with the SOG standards (SSVV training guide). The technical courses consist of e.g. guiding of suspended (heavy) loads, handling loads with hand operated equipment and working with (rolling) scaffolds or working as scaffolding supervisor.
Falck Safety Services sets high priority to the quality of their training courses and has found the right partner in Scaves to provide these technical training courses. With this co-operation in place Falck Safety Services is able to provide their clients in the offshore, maritime and renewable energy sector a broader portfolio of services and creates better value for their clients. The training location in Schoonebeek is ideal for servicing Falck Safety Services clients based in in the northeast of the Netherlands. Scaves and Flack Safety Services can also provide these technical training courses on site at the clients facilities.  
To conceal this co-operation Mr. Paul Boumans (Commercial Director of Falck Safety Services the Netherlands) and Mr. Jan Snijders (Director of Scaves) have signed a corporate agreement.
“Falck Safety Services is rejoiced that through our cooperation with Scaves we can provide high quality technical safety training courses at our locations in the Netherlands and the Scaves location in Schoonebeek. This will provide us the opportunity to offer our clients an even better portfolio of training courses”, according to Mr. Paul Boumans, Commercial Director of Falck Safety Services the Netherlands. 
“Through the co-operation with Falck Safety Services, Scaves sees synergy in the field of high quality technical training courses throughout the Netherlands, which can be a great advantage for current and new clients. We are pleased that Scaves and Falck Safety Services are joining forces”, according to Mr. Jan Snijders, Director of Scaves. 

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