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Dispensation offshore certificate

We regularly receive questions about the dispensation scheme for the refresher course regarding the offshore certificate. In these cases, the certificate has already expired and people wonder if it is still possible to follow a refresher course (OPITO and/or NOGEPA). We are happy to tell you more about the dispensation scheme.
In principle, a certificate that has expired means that a basic offshore training must be followed again. However, an exception may be made if the dispensation scheme is used.
If you want to do a NOGEPA refresher training, but the validity of your current certificate has expired, you can request dispensation directly from NOGEPA. To do so, you will need to use the ‘Request for dispensation’ form. Please make sure that the form is signed by an authorized person within your organisation and send it directly to NOGEPA.
When your application has been processed, you will receive a message from NOGEPA which will inform you that the application has been approved or rejected:
  • If approved by NOGEPA, you will need to send the approval plus your application for training to the training centre. In that case you will be able to follow the refresher course;
  • If rejected by NOGEPA, you will not be able to take part in the refresher training and you will have to follow the basic training again.
If you want to repeat an OPITO training, but the validity of your certificate has expired, you will need to complete the OPITO ‘Request for dispensation’ form (page 65 of this document) and have this signed by an authorized person within your organisation. You must then send this form plus your application for training to the training centre. This will not require prior approval by OPITO.
Important information
To qualify for the dispensation scheme, you will need to have followed a basic offshore training and have repeated this basic training at least once. If you have not repeated the relevant basic training before, you will not be eligible for the dispensation scheme.
It is possible to repeat the training as early as 3 months before the expiry date of your certificate. In that case, the expiry date of your certificate remains the same. However, if you do it even earlier, then the date of training will apply.

For example:
Your BOSIET/0.5A certificate expires on 21 December 2017. You follow the refresher training on 25 October 2017. Your certificate will then have an expiry date of 20 December 2021 (OPITO uses a validity period of 4 years minus 1 day). If you follow the refresher training on the 28th of August 2017, the new expiry date will be 27 August 2021.

We advise you to renew your certificate in time (in the three months before the expiry date) in order to avoid a lot of extra work and trouble. 

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