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Dutch Falck colleagues receive Sophus Medals of Honour

Every year, around the beginning of October, Falck awards the Sophus Falck Medal of Honour to acknowledge those who went above and beyond the call of duty to save others or limit damage. This year not just one, but seven Dutch colleagues received the Medal of Honour for their heroic action. The medals were awarded on the 2nd of November at the Falck locations in Amsterdam and Gorinchem.
On the 7th of July 2017, during the morning briefing, the Falck Safety Services Amsterdam colleagues spotted a fire in the students houses across the street. The team consisting of 5 instructors and the assistant location manager, didn’t hesitated and rushed to the houses. The fire started on the ground floor and was still burning. Fortunately, the student of the house on fire was already outside. A few members of the Falck team banged on the doors of the student houses on the ground, first and second floor to wake the other students and evacuate them from the building. Two team members rushed back to the training centre to get fire extinguishers and started to control the fire till the fire department took over. The team effort prevented that the fire did not had a chance to spread and could have caused lots of students to be injured.
On the 2nd of November the Amsterdam employees, Diandra de Wit, Joric van der Sluis, Nick Ijzelenberg, Peter Kort, Krijn Morfovasilis and Co Kuijpers, received the medals from Rini IJzelenberg, Operational Director Falck Safety Services the Netherlands at the Amsterdam training centre.

On the 8th of June 2017, it rained heavily. One of the Gorinchem employees entered the office while shouting: ,,There is someone lying down on the street. He is injured and just a few meters from the office!’’ Sander Keijzer jumped from his desk and ran out the office with a medical kit and AED. He found the boy that was injured and was lying unconscious on the pavement in the rain. It seemed he was lying over there for some time.
Sander delivered first aid to the victim and his colleague called an ambulance. The boy had an epileptic seizure and Sander saved the boy from undercooling. The ambulance crew gave Sander a compliment about his resolute actions.


For Sander this was one of the many ‘people helping people’ missions in his life. Sander is a volunteer fireman, the Gorinchem office ‘first aid coordinator’, in his free time dispatcher at festivals in the Netherlands and a volunteer on the animal ambulance in the Netherlands. When his pager calls him for an incident he drops his work, leaves the office with the objective to deliver help and service to anyone that needs help.
For his heroic action Sander received the Sophus Medal of Honour on the 2nd of November from Robbert van der Veen, Managing Director Falck Emergency in the Netherlands.
The Sophus Falck Medal of Honour was created in 1956 when a fund was created with the purpose of granting awards to Falck employees who perform in heroic or outstanding ways. Since then, Falck has awarded the medal every year. In the last couple of years, 4 colleagues in the Netherlands received the medal.

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