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Crises unpredictable?

Make them predictable by participating in the Workshop Crisis Management
Free Workshop Crisis Management
You all can imagine a crisis; the recent egg scandal, the big fire on a chemical plant, the recall of a large batch of goods with the corresponding reputational damage or the hack of computer systems which results in a down time of the business process for several days.

Very annoying if this 'happens' to your company. However, a crisis is not something that needs to overcome you, you can see it coming. Indeed, most crises are very predictable. How do you ensure that you can act effectively during a crisis? Preventing is not always possible, but limiting the damage and taking advantage of opportunities is.


In the Workshop Crisis Management, a collaboration between Business School Netherlands and Falck Safety Services, we identify the threats and answer 'question marks'. In this workshop you can expect the unexpected! The great thing is that this workshop is offered completely free of charge!
In addition to this workshop we also offer a 3-day Masterclass Crisis Management. During this Masterclass you really learn to work with Crisis Management.
The Workshop as well as the Masterclass are given in Dutch. If the dates or language don’t suit you, but you are interested in a similar program for your company (in English or Dutch), please contact Bas Poelmann:

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