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Technical training Scaves and Falck

In 2018 Falck Safety Services offers technical training in cooperation with Scaves. In this article you can read about the trainings that are planned in the upcoming months. A complete overview of all training we offer in cooperation with Scaves can be found on our website.
Some trainings are only available at the Scaves location in Schoonebeek.
Banksman NOGEPA 1.9A
In the 3-day module Working with Loads (Banksman) knowledge on possible risks, (inspection of) equipment, legislation etc. will be provided as well as al skills required for working with loads en movements of cranes and their ability and the forces within all the equipment used for lifting.
Locations and dates
Maasvlakte: 9-11 April and 2-4 July
Schoonebeek: 26-28 March, 23-25 April, 28-30 May, 18-20 June, 23-25 July
Banksman NOGEPA 1.9B
The one day refresher course Banksman/Rigger offshore refreshes the participants’ knowledge of potential risks involved in (inspecting) equipment and of the relevant legislation and regulation. Additionally, the participants’ skills are tested to see if they are sufficient for working as a Banksman.
Location and dates
Schoonebeek: 19 March, 30 April, 28 May, 25 June, 16 July
Handling Loads with Hand Operated Equipment (VVL-H)
In this course participants learn how to secure and move loads safely and responsibly. Since October 2016, employees who independently secure and move loads in the (petro) chemical industry are required to comply with the certification: ‘Handling Loads with Hand Operated Equipment’ (VVL-H). This replaces the former certification: ‘Safely Moving Loads’ (VVL).
Location and dates
Schoonebeek: 19-20 March, 30 April-1 May, 30-31 July
Working with mobile elevated working platform (M.E.W.P.)
In this training, participants learn to work efficiently and effectively with mobile elevated working platforms. After following this training, the participant is able to work safely and responsibly with a mobile elevated working platform (M.E.W.P.), thereby meeting the requirements of the Working Conditions Act as well as insurers. When performing risky work, for example at (petro)chemical sites, an SOG certification is mandatory.
Locations and dates
Schoonebeek: 6 and 20 March, 3 and 17 April, 8 and 22 May, 12 and 26 June


Working with forklifts
In the course on safely working with a forklift truck, participants learn how to handle a forklift truck in such a way as to prevent accidents and damage. Forklift trucks are often used to transport heavy loads, which means that good driving skills and manoeuvrability are very important.

Locations and dates
Maasvlakte: 9 April, 28 May and 2 July
Schoonebeek: 6 and 20 March, 3 and 17 April, 8 and 22 May, 12 and 26 June
To book a training, please contact the Customer Services department: or +31 181 376 600. You can also contact this department for any other questions regarding technical training.
Scaves offers training and consultancy in the field of HSE (Health, Safety and Environment). They have decades of experience with lifting, hoisting, cranes, tools and machines. Scaves is located in Schoonebeek, from where they support a range of construction-related projects at home and abroad.
Practically all training pursuant to the Working Conditions Act [Arbowet] or sector-compulsory training is available at Scaves. They have several classrooms but most training courses can also be provided on site, including the Falck Safety Services Maasvlakte training centre. Their own instructors have worked in the construction and industrial sectors for years. They know how to turn their practical experience into engaging training sessions that are in line with the workplace.
Since 2017, Scaves and Falck Safety Services have been working together in the field of technical training. An extensive range of these training courses can be followed both at Scaves in Schoonebeek and at Falck Safety Services at the Maasvlakte.

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