About Falck

Falck is a corporate emergency and safety organisation with its HQ in Copenhagen. Falck has business activities in 44 countries on six continents. It consists of 4 different business areas: Emergency, Training, Assistance and Healthcare. Falck is a worldwide leader in rescue and safety courses. Falck conduct the exercises from more than 30 training centers around the world. For more information you can visit our website​.

Falcks mission is to:
  • Prevent emergency situations;
  • Rescue people in emergencies;
  • Assist people who require help;
  • Alleviate the after-effects of emergencies;
  • Always be there, so that people can live their lives safely.
Falck has performed numerous international assignments related to Disaster Risk Management at national, (inter-) regional and municipal level, including the development of emergency response centres and disaster management institutes, the development of disaster risk reduction and civil protection strategies, development of National Platforms. Capacity is build through the design and implementation of disaster management training and exercise programs.

Falck offers an interesting mix of in-depth, subject know-how and working experience in the field of Disaster Risk Management, in capacity building and institutional development; design and development of prevention, preparedness, protection and mitigation strategies and investment planning, with a proven track record in emerging and developing countries

More information & Reference sheets
For more information regarding disaster management contact us through our contact form or have a look at the reference sheets below:

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