Falck Modex exercises

Falck has been awarded the tender by the European Union to organise 5 large scale Modex exercises in 2016 and 2017.

The contract entails the design, planning, conduction and self-evaluation of five exercises for EUCPT (European Union Civil Protection Team), TAST (Technical Assistance and Support Team), USAR (Medium/Heavy Urban Search and Rescue), Field Hospitals and AMP/S (Advanced Medical Posts) modules. These teams consist of rescue workers from 33 countries (the 28 EU member States and Iceland, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia). This year for the first time two modules from outside of the European Civil Protection Mechanism will also have the option to participate in the exercises.

During the realistic field exercises that last 4 days, the teams are tested on their preparedness to be deployed. They are supported and observed by experienced trainers from different countries. The exercises are designed to test and enhance the cooperation between the teams and experts and to test their capabilities. Furthermore, the teams will experience the operational and political complexity of international aid.

The exercises will take place in 2016 and 2017. The first exercises will take place in Sicily, Italy in October 2016 and will be organised in cooperation with the Italian civil Protection Department. This exercise will give the teams the possibility to exercise in hot conditions. The second exercise will be at Falck Langvang in December 2016. Previously, in May 2015, we organised a very successful exercise at Langvang and we very much look forward to working with the team again. The first exercise of 2017 be in cooperation with the Estonian Rescue Board and will take place in February in Estonia. This exercise will give the teams the possibility to practice in cold conditions. In cooperation with MSB (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) we will organise an exercise specifically for AMP/S modules in April 2017. The final exercise will be organised in June 2017 in Portugal. This will be our first cooperation with the Guarda Nacional Republicana of Portugal and we look forward to a successful exercise at their location in Sardoal. We will also continue our cooperation with AKKA Falck Sweden by using their training software during the exercises. All developments can be followed on this website.

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