Exercise 2: Falck Denmark - Langvang

​After the major earthquake a number of powerful aftershocks have devastated the region of Langvang. This area is known for its shopping centre with kindergarten and restaurants. Also the parking garage, apartments, offices and the railway station are devastated. Due to the earthquake these buildings are collapsed and have caused numerous casualties with confirmed reports of victims still trapped within the buildings. The local authorities and emergency agencies are overwhelmed by these events and this has led to a request of assistance.

Type of modules
Medium/ heavy Urban Search and Rescue
Urban Search and Rescue in CBRN conditions
Advanced medical post with or without Surgery
Field Hospital
Technical Assistance and Support team
European Civil Protection team

Theme exercise
The exercise is planned from 8 - 11  December 2016 and will be aimed at exercising in cold conditions in an urban area. Team can test whether their equipment and facilities can operate in temperatures below 0°C. The medical teams will be challenged to ensure that the patients stay warm. The constant cold will provide for an additional challenge.

Safety documents


The following newsflashes give an indication of the disaster that affected the country and the situation in the area afterwards: ​

Newsflash 1 - Langvang​

Newsflash 2 - Langvang​

Newsflash 3 - Langvang​

Newsflash 4- Langvang​

Exercise Clip
The exercise clip is now available on YouTube.​

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