Exercise 4: MSB - Sweden

The southern area of the Sweden region is suffering from the consequences of the severe flooding in the area. Alerts have been raised concerning a disease that has begun to silently spread throughout the region. Retrospective studies conducted by WHO staff and health officials have identified the index case in Lund. The exact source of the infection has not been identified.  A pattern of unprotected exposure, more cases and deaths, more funerals, and further spread has been established. 

The Ministry of Health of Faultland has issued its first alert to the unidentified disease. The following investigation by the Ministry and WHO found epidemiological links among outbreaks previously not known to be connected and identified in Lund and Eslöv as the epicentre for transmission of a disease that still had no known cause.  WHO has been alerted that in the region there is ‘rapidly evolving’ outbreak. Mobile laboratories are needed in the area to support the local health agencies with the testing and confirmation of cases. 

In addition, Faultland is suffering from the collapse of the health system: access to basic and emergency care is challenged by infrastructure damages and limitation in medical personnel. They are unable to take care of the injured as a direct and indirect result of the flooding.  Therefore Faultland has addressed a request for assistance to the EU Civil Protection Mechanism. 

Type of modules
Advanced medical post with or without surgery
Field Hospital
Mobile Laboratory
Technical Assistance and Support Team
European Civil Protection team

Theme exercise
The exercise is organised by MSB and will take place 24 - 27 April  2017 in Revinge. The exercise will focus only on medical teams. As such, it provides the only opportunity for medical teams in the cycles of exercises to cooperate with each other and to test their procedures. 

​​​Safety documents


The following newsflashes give an indication of the disaster that affected the country and the situation in the area:

Newsflash 1 - Sweden

Newsflash 2 - Sweden

Newsflash 3 - Sweden

The exercise clip can be found by clicking on this link . 

Media coverage

Several European news agencies have visited the exercise and published news articles and news items. Please find below the links:

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